Grímsey IMMORTALITY Superchocolate

The magnificent, life-affirming characteristics of chocolate contribute to physical and mental wellness. Recent studies have shown that chocolate may alleviate emotional tension. Since cacao boosts blood flow to the brain, it also makes one more alert, focused, and quick on their feet. In addition to removing heavy metals from the body, it may help postpone dementias like Alzheimer’s and senility, make the skin more resistant to sunlight, and slow down tooth decay. This specific chocolate we made also was infused with superfoods linked to slowing down or inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.


General Happiness & Anti-Cancer Chocolate “IMMORTALITY”

Minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium abound in ceremonial cacao, which is also rich in antioxidants. Good health and the prevention of chronic illnesses like cancer and heart disease depend on these minerals. In addition to lowering blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular disease, cacao has been shown to increase blood flow. Many of the chemicals found in cacao have beneficial effects on psychological and emotional well-being. Some examples of these are the natural mood enhancer phenylethylamine (PEA) and the neurotransmitter anandamide, both of which may aid in elevating mood and alleviating anxiety. Theobromine, found in cacao, is known to have a sedative effect and alleviate nervous tension.

The natural antidepressant effect of ceremonial-grade cacao is compounded by our herbal additions. Theobromine isn’t the only chemical in chocolate that has effects. To begin, chocolate contains caffeine, formally known as 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine, is a naturally occurring chemical. Its stimulating physiological action is the result of its ability to excite the central nervous system, which causes the heart rate to rise and the muscles to contract. The fight-or-flight reaction is quite similar. The brain releases the feel-good neurotransmitters dopamine and adenosine when caffeine activates on their receptors.

Consuming chocolate comes with an additional surprise, on top of being a stimulant and a “love drug”. Phenylethylamine triggers the same physiological responses in the human body as the arrival of love. Because of its hallucinogenic effects, the chemical is comparable to those of amphetamines. Dopamine and serotonin are neurotransmitters that are responsible for making us feel good. The combination creates a thrilling euphoria.


This blend contains a number of superfoods linked to fighting cancer, yet it should not be consumed by those who already have cancer. These antioxidants have the potential to aid the body’s fight against cancer cells or shield them from harm caused by cancer treatments. More study is required since there is some indication that they may reduce the efficacy of cancer treatments.

Herbs and supplements may have an impact on the body’s ability to metabolize chemotherapy treatments. Some of these ingredients might make the drugs less effective at fighting cancer cells or even more harmful than intended. Some, like taking a multivitamin every day, don’t seem to affect survival or recurrence at all. It is recommended to consult with the care staff before administering any supplements.


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